Paper Dart construction


Paper darts can be constructed in a few minutes from tape and a sheet or two of paper. With a little practice these can be thrown farther than any paper air plane I've ever seen
To make one you're going to need some tape and a sheet of paper.

Masking tape is preferable, but pretty much any thick tape'll do. I'll be using duct tape as it's all I have on hand right now.
Roll the sheet of paper diagonally into a cylinder and secure it with a piece of tape.
Next, unroll a length of tape to form the head weight. Generally, the heavier you make the head the easier the dart will be to throw. My tape was pretty thick, so you'll probably want to use a longer piece than I did.
Wrap this length of tape around one end of your paper cylinder to form the head.
To make fins, start by folding a piece of tape like so.
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