I don't end up documenting all my project. You can see pictures here of the stuff i'm working on, and also some random pictures from my life outside of engineering. I'm always happy to answer questions via email if you would like to know more about something.
I've been helping my friend lately with a project called the "Stop Pack". It's a case that goes over a pack of cigarettes, it helps you quit smoking by letting your loved ones know when you smoke. It's a simple product that I think will be a big help to some people. You can read more about the project at
My girlfriend Lucy and I just got back from a month long trip through Europe. It's the first time we've ever been. We had a blast. We spent a week each in Iceland, Germany, Italy, and Greece.

Iceland was definitely my favorite place. The other places were nice, but they just weren't that different than here in upstate NY (besides having better views). Iceland on the other hand is otherworldly. Everywhere you look it's just like ..WOAHHHH. On top of that, we drove up to the West Fjords, and there just nobody up there. You only pass someone on the road every 5 minutes or so.
I invented a pretty nifty toolstand recently. I got methods of manufacturing set up and tried to kickstart it, but that failed unfortunately. I think I'm going to try to sell them directly on Amazon in the future.
Just got these samples in. I had them custom made in china by Dongguan Jingyan Metal Products, who I found through Alibaba.

It takes a long time to negotiate with Chinese manufacturers, get quotes, etc. But the results can be awesome. I literally sent them drawings of exactly what I wanted, and they made me a sample of 200 each for only 155usd.

I can't wait to get the rest of the parts in!
I got some of those 100w leds. ..Awesome.

I'm thinking of building an extremely bright and small flashlight that works for shorts bursts before needing to cool down.


My girlfriend got me this thermal camera for Christmas. Needless to say I was running around thermal imaging everything for like 3 days straight.
So cool.
A gun turret I've been working on. It weighs about 60lbs (a lot of which is the 12x12x.5" steel base). It's controlled via USB with simple serial commands.

Eventually I want it to track, lead, and shoot down sporting clays. Like a mini CIWS
Gimbal without the gun on it.
Here's the whole thing disassembled. I made all the parts on a CNC machine at work. the stocks is 3/8" steel plate.

The actuators are Sherline 4in rotary tables.
So my girlfriend Lucy and I do a lot of impromptu research in our daily lives. For example, we recently proved that coffee pots are safe, by leaving ours on for 10 days straight while we were on vacation.
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