My name's Drew Pilcher. Wolf's my old internet handle. I'm an engineer and inventor at heart.

I've had many unusual hobbies at different times in my life. In college I was really into Urban Climbing. After that it was RC planes and drones; I still fly them once in a while. These days I like playing Paintball and Counterstrike, and working on robotics projects.

I'm 26 as of this writing. I got a bachelors in Computer and Systems Engineering from RPI in 2012. Since then I've made a living doing factory automation for a startup called Ecovative and most recently designing circuit boards and writing embedded software for Next Advance.

I ran a drone company called FPV Explorer for a while. I made a profit, but I didn't enjoy it as much as I though I would so I eventually shut it down. I guess I didn't anticipate that most of the day-to-day work would be emailing and ordering parts. :/

While working on FPV Explorer (and thereafter) I've been working as an independent contractor. I'm still available in that capacity, so if you have a project feel free to write me.

If you have any questions or comments, or just need to get in contact for some reason, feel free to send me an .
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