HDD Self-Destruction: Attempt 3

A shot of the gap between the nozzel and drive cover.
I wanted to check out the collateral damage, so I had this old PC take one for science.
Alright, showtime!
Here's a shot of the aftermath. Pretty crazy compared to the clean and shiny pic from 10 minutes prior.
I didn't notice while I was filming, but apparently the thermite blast was hot enough to instantly desolder components from the motherboard and blow them out of the case.
A shot of the thermite container.

I was originally worried that it might exploded or take off like a rocket, but amazingly it didn't suffer any damage at all aside from the charring. Hell, if I had more thermite, I could probably reuse it.
Here you can see where the thermite blew out around the top, resulting in the huge fan of molten iron in the video. In hind sight, I should've added more screws.
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