HDD Self-Destruction: Attempt 3

Here's the igniter, almost complete.

Rather than ignite the thermite from the bottom as my last igniter did, this one runs through the center of the combustion chamber, igniting all of it much more quickly and increasing the cutting jet's pressure.

Also, this time the igniter is wrapped in 2 ply's from a sheet of tissue paper instead of tape, which had kept version 2 from igniting properly.
The finished igniter.

I wrapped the pouch of propellant in thread to keep it's shape and make sure the heater stays in contact with the ignition mixture. I also trimmed off the excess tape and tissue.
Here you can see the nozzle sealed off with a few layers of tape and the igniter in place.

The tape on the sides is to keep the powder from leaking out during storage.
Now for the Thermite. The only ingredients are iron-oxide (I use FeO4) and aluminum. By weight, the mixture is 8 parts iron-oxide to 3 parts aluminum. I usually just mix the two about 50/50 by volume, but this time I actually got out a scaled and measured the ingredients.
The case filled with thermite and ready to seal up.
The finished self destruct rig.
Everything tapped up and good to go.
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