Experimenting a bit with creating bright images at night using long exposures. This one turned out pretty nice.
The first 5 drones I ever sold, Crow v1's. I sold them for about $1250 with the gopro. I'm really proud of these. They flew great and had a range of more than a mile.

I can dig up the configuration if anyone's interested in recreating the design. Just shoot me an email.
Launching a rocket from a drone.
I tried mounting a paintball gun as well. It worked, but it was a bit too heavy for the drone, and could only fly for a minute or 2 before overheating the motors.

The gun is a Kingman Chaser that I crudely milled a bunch of extra metal off of.
It took some doing, but eventually I found a way to fit the drone and controller in a single hardcase.
I once tried to make and air cannon that shot arrows silently. The idea was that the sabot behind the arrow would be captured at the muzzle (like in the russian PSS)

Unfortunately, the first time I shot it, the muzzle device blew right off.
This is a battery test rig that I built for BRD Motorcycles (now Alta Motors) in SF.

It discharges a battery pack at 100A for a short duration. During the discharge it monitors the cell voltages within the battery. If a connection is weak or broken, it will cause an additional cell voltage drop that can be detected.
I wrote the software for it too. The cell voltages are the black lines, the current is graphed in red. This is what the graph of a fully functional battery looks like.
I Saw this in a college bookstore near Princton. I think if I had to read this, I would start question the life decisions I'd made that lead up to that point.

Also, you'd think that if you could write 500+ pages about sloshing. You could write something more on the cover than just the word sloshing and your name.
Another interesting thing I saw while wandering around Princton. I think it's supposed to suck your body heat away and absorb it using those black cylindrical radiators (which are pipes).
It had this evaporative water chiller in the back. The dome has a network of tubes that circulates cooled water through the black cylinders seen on the inside.

Unfortunately it wasn't running, so I couldn't try it out.
My bedroom in highschool... yeah it was pretty bad.

I had a bunkbed that I slept on the top of. The botom was more "storage"
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