Splatter brushes with bloom effects.
Remember metal gear solid 3?
This was a throwback to my old style. It seems to work great for mechanical objects.
A quick, one sitting sketch. I do a lot of these.
Experimenting with atmospheric effects. Can you tell I was a little depressed when I drew this?
This is my first not-terrible drawing I did on my tablet.
A comic about my friend from college.

I didn't have a tablet yet, so I drew it on paper then traced and colored it with a mouse in photoshop.
This is one of the last paper drawings I did. I's called "Cool Drew". It's kind of a joke.

I once made the mistake of describing something as "juvenile" in front of my college friends. They immediately launched into this description of me sitting in a leather chair, reading moby dick and smoking a pipe muttering about the kids these days.

I changed the leather chair to an f-16, because fuck it, why not.
A small self portrait.
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